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How do I send you my photos and in what size?
You can send them through my email or regular post. If you send regular paper-based photos or a CD, contact me and let me know they are on the way.  If you send them digitally, please send the biggest size possible, downloaded from your digital camera in original size. Don’t resize the photos before you send.

How many photos do you need?
I create a portrait from only one photograph, but I usually look at other photos for colors and other features for reference. Send several photos if you can.

What if I would like several subjects in one painting, do I need a photo with all of them together?
No, you can send each photo separately. I will create a composition with photo editing software  with all of them together for you to approve before I start to paint.

My photo doesn’t have a nice background. Can you paint one?
Yes, I can paint a nice background scenery for you.  Let me know what you would like and I will create a photo mock-up composite along with your subject including a background or scenic landscape.

How much does a portrait cost?
That will depend on the size you choose. It also depends on the number of subjects and what kind of background you would like. You can request a custom size for the painting, so it will fit perfectly where you would like to hang it.

When will I pay for my portrait?
50% of payment is required before I start to paint and the rest of payment is done when the portrait is completed and approved by you, before it’s shipped.

How do I pay?
I will send a money payment request to your email. Payments are usually done through Paypal which is 100% secure with your credit card. However, Money Orders can be accepted. I do not accept checks.

How long will it take before I receive my portrait?
This will depend on how much work I have at the time when I receive your order. It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete a portrait and 1 week to send it. Drop an email and I will let you know my timetable during that time.

Will I see the finished portrait before I receive it?
Yes, of course. I will email a digital photo for final approval before I send.

Do you give the money back if I’m not happy with the portrait?
Yes, I will.

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